Sixth Form Curriculum

Our Sixth Form Curriculum intent is to ensure that all students study subjects at levels appropriate to their interests and abilities and that they are given every opportunity to achieve the success necessary to enable them to progress to their next stage whether that be an apprenticeship, employment, further or higher education. Everything we do is encapsulated in our BEST+ (Building Employability Skills for Tomorrow) Programme which is detailed below.

We design our Sixth Form curriculum and timetable around student choice and analysis of UCAS applications and growth areas within the local job market.

Level 3 students will typically choose subjects from four option blocks (named A to D). Each option block is scheduled for 10 periods across a two-week timetable.

The Level 2 curriculum is flexible and bespoke to the individual needs of students. Subjects offered develop transferable skills and provide students qualifications to support further education applications and employment.

Within the Sixth Form the following courses are currently offered as options:

Art (A-level), Applied Science (BTEC Extended Certificate), Biology (A-Level), Business Studies (A-Level), Business Administration (Level 2 Cambridge Technical), Chemistry (A-Level), Computer Science (A Level), Criminology Diploma, Design Technology (A-Level), Drama (A-Level), Open Awards, English Literature (A-Level), French (A-Level), Geography (A-Level), Health and Social Care (Level 2 Cambridge Technical Diploma) History (A-Level), Maths (A-Level), Physics (A-Level), Psychology (A-Level), Sport (BTEC Level 3 National Certificate), Sports Coaching (Level 2 SGI), Travel and Tourism (Level 2 WJEC Certificate)

*Please note – not all courses run each year, all dependent on student choice.

Students will also have the opportunity to retake GCSE Maths or English, if they have not achieved a grade 4 in Key Stage 4. Functional Skills Maths and English courses are available to students who have not achieved a grade 3 in Key Stage 4.

The Sixth Form curriculum also includes:

The Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) students gain a qualification worth half an A-Level for undertaking a largely self-directed and self-motivated project. Students must choose a topic of their choice, plan, research and develop their idea which includes a 5,000-word essay or artefact. This is an excellent qualification preparing students for undergraduate study and future employment.

The BEST+ Programme (Building Employability Skills for Tomorrow). BEST+ is a comprehensive and multifaceted programme with the core aim of preparing all Oldershaw Academy Sixth Form students for future success in education, employment or training. Every element of what we do from lessons to work skills event, from the PSHE programme to trips abroad as part of the Turing Programme contribute to preparing students for their next stage whatever pathway they take.

BEST+ includes the CEIAG programme which is designed to enable students to develop self-awareness, explore and manage their future career opportunities:

  • Activities are designed to replicate the recruitment process.
  • Through a variety of experiences, visits and business speakers they develop well informed young people
  • They support personal and skills development to aid smooth transition into the wider world.
  • Impartial advice and guidance offered to all students

UCAS Support Programme offers practical advice, guidance and support for students who choose to apply for University

Work Experience all students are encouraged to engage in a work placement, whether that be organised through school, an external organisation or a virtual experience.

Supervised Study periods which give students the opportunity for independent study in a quiet environment with support and guidance available from a member of the teaching staff.

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