Curriculum & Standards Committee Terms of Reference


The Trust Board has appointed the first members and thereafter delegates the power to the committee to appoint its own members, always subject to the Trust Board.

Membership of this committee is limited to 4 Trustees, including the Chair. Current members are:

  • Zena Callister
  • Sarah Murphy
  • Stacia Patterson


The committee shall be clerked by the clerk to the Trustee Board. In the event the clerk is not available another suitable person will be appointed.

The draft minutes of each meeting will be circulated with the agenda for the next ordinary meeting of the full Board of Trustees.


The Trust board delegates the power to appoint the Chair of this committee to its members. A simple majority vote shall determine who is appointed Chair. In the absence of the Chair, the committee shall choose an acting Chair for that meeting from among their number.


The quorum of the committee shall be three.


  • To set priorities of the committee for action in the year, based on the Board’s Strategic Plan, monitor and review
  • To have oversight and hold to account the curriculum offer
  • To review policies in accordance with its delegated powers
  • To ensure the requirements of children with special needs are met
  • To monitor and evaluate the impact of quality of teaching on rates of pupil progress and standards of achievement
  • To monitor and evaluate rates of progress and standards of achievement by pupils, including any underachieving groups
  • To monitor and evaluate the impact of improvement plans
  • To monitor and evaluate pupils’ enrichment programmes and preparation for adult life


These Terms of Reference shall be reviewed annually by the Trust Board. The committee may raise any suggested amendments to these Terms with the Trust Board at the time of the annual review or at any other time.

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