Head of Department: Mrs L Daly

Lead Teacher: Mrs S Malyj

GCSE drama is an excellent opportunity for individuals that are creative, reflective and passionate about drama. The course has been created to enable students to explore their individuality as well as develop themselves as performer, alongside studying the drama theory. Students will complete a written paper in which they will study the rolls within a theatre company, the set text ‘Blood Brothers’ and complete a review of a live piece of drama following a trip to the theatre. As well as this, students will create and perform their own devised piece utilising a range of theatrical techniques taught over the 3-year course; responding to a stimulus provided by the class teacher. Students will also perform 2 extracts from a play in a group setting or individually using a range of theatrical techniques and styles.

At Key stage 4 pupils follow the AQA Drama GCSE, studying 3 components in order to gain knowledge and understanding of the theatre. Throughout this qualification, pupils will also be required to reflect on themselves as well as evaluate their own work and others.

GCSE Drama provides many opportunities for students to show the school’s 3 core values. Students learn to take their pride in their own work and creative ideas. There are many opportunities to show kindness through constructive feedback and support of others’ performances. Finally, resilience, this is key to Drama GCSE as group work is a major factor of this course, students understand the importance of resilience in a team work setting.

Academic success in GCSE Drama can lead to more advanced study in our sixth form, at key stage 5, whereby pupils with a passion for the subject are able to study A-Level Drama and higher education courses after that. We also have had a number of students go on to study at the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts. As well as academic success GCSE Drama provides a breadth of transferable skills that employees look for such as: team work skills, public speaking, reflective skills, self-evaluation.

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