Past & Present 1920 – 2020

Online & Event Auction

These two remarkable pieces were created by renowned local Wallasey based craftsman and artist David Hughes. These historically symbolic lamps mix modern techniques with the industrial art medium but at their foundation have a gold leaf covered brick one of which comes from the original build of the school in 1920 and the other from the 2022 new build at Oldershaw.

The use of the bricks, one set on olive wood the other original iroko wood embedded with slate from the school symbolises the artists vision in representing both the past century and future of the Oldershaw School. These two uniquely different desk lamps have been created in a modern industrial style as stylish pieces for any modern home or office and as a permanent reminder of Oldershaw’s unique history.

The expectation the artist is looking to create is around the illumination of the past and drawing the audience into reflecting on the school’s local importance, their personal time spent at the school, influence and continued history of the people who have passed through the school have had in shaping our local area and beyond.

These two pieces are a first for this artist in moving away from his traditional work medium of wood sculpture using a range of British and exotic hardwoods to showcase his craft. The demand for technology and mass production have had an influence and effect on the handcrafted creation of unique pieces within the art world. Many paths have been opened to art and architecture to influence artists, but all of them can be summarised in one: the freedom of creation. The influence of the industrial revolution in art has had its continuity in artistic expression reflected in the wider society in the use of industrial art pieces to stylise both our homes and workplaces.

The Silent Auction

The artist because of his affiliation with Oldershaw has kindly agreed that these pieces can be auctioned as a pair through a silent auction available to all alumni attending reunion events throughout the 2022/23 celebration year to raise much needed technology funds to provide additional high-tech equipment for the children of Oldershaw School.

For those in attendance at centenary events you will be able to bid secretly on the night. For those unable to attend any events you can submit your sealed bid online using the form below. The lucky person taking home both lamps will be announced after the final centenary dinner in July 2023.

If you complete multiple entries your most recent entry will be used.

*all information provided in the form will be deleted following the auction close.

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