Head of Department: Miss A Brennan

All learners at the Oldershaw Academy receive a high-quality science education that provides foundations for understanding the world around them whilst meeting the statuary requirements of the National Curriculum. Learners acquire a solid foundation of scientific knowledge across all three science disciplines (Biology, Chemistry and Physics) through high quality pedagogical experiences. Through practical work, invaluable scientific skills will be developed, including the ability to hypothesise, interpret, analyse, conclude and evaluate. These skills will provide learners with an awareness of the impact that science has within a social and environmental context.

The Science Department aims to ensure that all learners:

  • Develop a foundation of knowledge across science disciplines
  • Acquire a solid scientific vocabulary
  • Develop critical thinking
  • Develop the ability to use evidence to solve problems and create solutions
  • Establish links between scientific knowledge developed in class and the outside world
  • Develop practical skills to explore scientific concepts and ideas with confidence and independence
  • Develop a love of science that will stay with them beyond their years in education

The passion and enthusiasm of the science department enables the delivery of a curriculum that promotes curiosity about the universe and instils respect for the importance of scientific applications in modern society. Our carefully planned curriculum balances the theoretical and practical aspects of science and promotes conceptual understanding and curiosity amongst our learners.

Cultural Capital

Purposeful extra- curricular activities are offered to complement and broaden the curriculum including The Big Bang and The Faraday Challenge. Since 2018 we have been in partnership with Eureka! Mersey, the developers of a new science museum in Wallasey. Our students are collaborating with companies including Orsted Energy Company, Daresbury Lab and Liverpool John Moores University to develop innovative concepts and designs for the new exhibits.

The successful approach at The Oldershaw Academy ensures learners experience an engaging and high- quality science education. The science curriculum has enabled our learners to achieve qualifications in GCSE Combined and Separate Sciences, A level Chemistry, Biology and Physics and BTEC Applied Science. Last year 86% of students achieved a grade 9-4 in Chemistry with two students achieving a grade 9.  Students have progressed to further and higher education to study Medicine, Pharmacy, Biology, Robotics, and Secondary Science Teaching. 

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