Religious Education

Head of Department: Mr C Lawrence

The teaching of RE at Oldershaw seeks to engage pupils in a range of religious, moral and ethical issues and equip them with the relevant knowledge to form their own balanced opinions. All pupils study RE at key stage 3 with the option to choose it as a GCSE. In order to ensure excellent outcomes in RE, pupils receive detailed marking and feedback, whereby explicit guidance is given to pupils on classwork and homework, providing advice on how to further improve their work in line with GCSE requirements. This is a specific focus during assessment periods, including mock exams, whereby revision lessons are built in, to the scheme of learning, prior to the exam and a reflection time in the lessons afterwards for pupils to analyse their performance. Additional after school revision sessions are provided for year 11 pupils with our RE specialist, Miss Morgan, to help all pupils maximise their academic potential.

Our curriculum provides students with plenty of opportunity to show pride in their written work and in their ability to form and support opinions. They can show kindness to others through a variety of collaborative learning techniques and also through expressing their opinions in a way that does not offend.

At Key stage 4 pupils follow the Pearson Edexcel B Religious Education GCSE. For Paper 1 this involves studying Religion and Ethics with a focus on Christianity and for Paper 2 Religion, Peace and Conflict with a focus on Islam. Resilience during the exam period is vital as GCSE RE is linear, so pupils sit both exam papers at the end of year 11, in the space of 2 weeks. The breakdown is as follows: Paper 1 (1 hour 45 minutes) worth 50% (102 marks) and Paper 2 (1 hour 45 minutes) worth 50% (102 marks).

Academic success in GCSE RE can lead to more advanced study in our sixth form, at key stage 5, whereby pupils with a passion for the subject are able to study A-Level RE or other social sciences such as history, geography or psychology. Studying RE can lead to a future career in education, journalism, social work, community development work and the civil service. It also entails analytical thinking and communication skills, both vital for immediate employment.

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