Head of Department: Mr K Williams

At Oldershaw we aim to give all our students the opportunity to learn and enjoy mathematics in a safe, pleasant and stimulating environment. By providing a well planned and structured curriculum students are able to engage in lessons where interactive whole class teaching, problem solving and rich tasks challenge the full range of ages and abilities. All learners at the Academy have the opportunity to develop skills in Numeracy, Algebra, Shape and Space and Data Handling as well as the use and application of mathematics and consequently we meet all the statutory requirements of the National Curriculum.

The Mathematics Department aims to:

  • Provide all students with a deep and broad understanding of the application of mathematics in everyday life through developing tasks which are relatable for our pupils and the community in which we teach.
  • Ensure that all students have the opportunity to make sufficient progress with their mathematical skills. Staff teach mathematics through the use of concrete, abstract and pictorial mediums to ensure every learner has to opportunity to succeed in making progress.
  • Be ambitious for our students by providing stretch and challenge to all pupils in a range of different ways while also supporting and guiding them on a path where success is achievable for all.
  • Frequently review and evaluate the progress of our learners through a range of methods. Pupils are required to complete work in which they understand demonstrates their learnt skills along with formative and summative assessments. Any pupils who are identified to not be making the required progress are provided with structured and tailored intervention where possible.
  • Incorporate cultural capital into lessons in all year groups. We aim to prepare students for the real world by ensuring that they develop the skills required to apply mathematics in everyday life.

Our curriculum is implemented by ensuring that:

  • Teaching is tailored to match the ability and skills of all learners
  • Teachers ensure that students can apply mathematical skills to a range of
  • Students are set homework on a regular basis. All students have access to the on-line “My Maths” homework resource and are expected to complete tasks set by their mathematics teacher in order to consolidate their learning.

Cultural Capital

The implementation of the Mathematicscurriculum includes opportunities for learners to develop skills relevant to the real world such as finance and retail. At the end of each term students embark on a short project whereby they develop mathematical skills in real life settings such as holiday planning and daily budgeting.

Pupils who are striving for a grade 5 are offered the chance to take part in the PiXL mathematics trip to Harrogate. The trip involves pupils taking part in interactive workshops over the course of the day, focusing on the key topics that pupils need in order to obtain a grade 5 in GCSE mathematics, with a strong bias towards the use of mathematics in everyday life.

Our subject curriculum has enabled our learners to:

  • Become confident with Mathematics and understand its place in the real world
  • Be engaged in lessons which are interesting and varied and where experiences are enriched through project work, problem solving and investigation.
  • Take part in the UK Maths Challenge from as young as Year 7.
  • achieve qualifications in mathematics at GCSE (Students attain as high as grade 9) and GCE Advanced Level (Students attain as high as grade A)
  • progress into further and higher education at many institutions including The University of Liverpool, Liverpool John Moores University and Chester College.
  • establish careers in many areas including Business, Finance, Medicine, Astro-Physics and Teaching
  • the department has an excellent track record of preparing students for further study of mathematics at University. We are proud too of the fact that in the past three years a number of students have embarked on mathematics degrees after completing Advanced Level courses at Oldershaw Academy.
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