Head of Department: Mr A Scott

We are a hugely successful Department with results consistently above national averages, which our students take great pride in. The Computing/IT department continually reviews its curriculum content in order keep abreast with new developments that provide challenge, interest and enjoyment for our students. Our curriculum provides students with plenty of opportunity to show pride in their work, kindness to others and resilience when faced with challenging problems.

We are determined to give students the practical skills and theoretical knowledge needed to:

  1. Enter further education in the subject
  2. Support their study in other subject areas
  3. Gain employment
  4. Support business enterprise

There are numerous teaching rooms with IT facilities, four of which are dedicated suites for the computing/IT department with up to 28 PCs in each room, with laptops also available to learners. Students have access to a wide range of software, from the Microsoft Office 2013 suite of programs to innovative developments such as ‘Komposer’ (website authoring software) and Greenfoot (educational software designed to make learning programming more accessible and fun). We have three Apple Mac Suites offering a ‘dual boot’ feature, which means they run both MacOS and Windows operating systems and allows for multipurpose use to support our students in achieving academic success.

The Department offers a ‘Computer Freetime Club’ every lunchtime and the IT rooms are available every day after school for students to complete homework or coursework from any subject. We also provide extra-curricular activities such as ‘Computing Club’.

The Oldershaw School
Valkyrie Road, Wallasey
Wirral CH45 4RJ
T: 0151 638 2800 E: Principal: Mr J Bush